I needed Chicken so badly

Yesterday after days without any non-veg my body was screaming for nonveg. It does not mean I love the food I eat at home, the dishes are pure veg greens, daal and etc.

But, the non-veg is a must to have while being in India. So, I took a walk for 40 minutes to reach the restaurant for non-veg and ordered half tandoori chicken. During my last visit in India my friend took me to the same place therefore I knew it is a good place for chicken and crowd.

However, it was a bit wired to go out to a restaurant alone for dinner, but what to do when the whole family is veg. It is to accept it and never bring non-veg home.

DSC_0065 (1).JPG


Luxury Breakfast at my parents home

Wow, today my parents invited me for breakfast and manage gift and suitcase for India.
The breakfast was amazing, it was a bit of simpler hotel breakfast. I can not complain at all. We had different sort of meat for sandwiches, vegetables, soured milk and yogurt, two types of bread. Lose weight jasmine tea and really nice talks.


Hopefully I have got more or less all the gifts I need, but who knows…. First I have to pack and make lists.

The dinner

For the first time in my life I made hummus at my friend’s place and help with other dishes. Everything was veg and tasted really nicely. We god salad, lasagna, hummus, quinoa salad and other dishes. We were maybe 8 people from school to university friends.

My friend god Organic green tea from India which I got from FebIndia. I really like the tea and gong to buy more during this trip.



Veg dinner at a friend’s place


Today is a friend’s birthday and at 3ish I got to know she is having a veg dinner party. Well, how can I turn down her birthday celebration?

So today I am going to my friend’s place and later to the gym. I have to. I will take photo on the dinner and update the picture later. _MG_8824.JPG


Once again the kick came

It was so interesting to find myself sitting with pencils and listing to Spotify music. I was in this mood of sketching and relaxing while listing to music. I have not had this mood for sometime but yesterday evening I was in the mood and it felt really good.

While listening to Bollywood music and search for some inspirational pictures on Google when I came up with the idea of Mughal paintings. The details in the Mughal paintings are amazing  and fascinating for me. So it ended up I was trying to do Mughal inspiring drawing. 6f7b620f-1d53-4034-8d59-c21d5408dabc

The background will be all decorated too, with greenery and decorations.


A good place to eat meze with student wallet

The best thing I know is to find tasty food out which does not burn the wallet. For some days ago we went to Babel Deli, the place is perfect lunch or dinner. At lunch time there is major crowed and it is not a good idea go there at 12, either little earlier or later than normal lunch hour. A plate of Meze cost under 100 SEK, which means a student can eat there and feel good, without worries for the economy.



This is a meze plate with mutton, chicken, and much other tasty things. The food is really tasty and fast to get. However, the open hours are a bit limited, closing at 8 pm. They have to two places one on Kungstensgatan 33 (close on Sundays) and Långholmsgatan  27 (open on Sundays too). A place must to go for good food and price.



Easy option to travel from Mumbai to Pune

The worst thing with arriving in Mumbai from Europe is the arriving time. My flight arrives at 2 am. Speaking about the mind will be somewhere else.

So, my first option was to book a hotel and use the hotel’s pick up cab at the airport. What I found out was that the hotel had written a price on the website and informed me an other price in mail. Therefore I canceled my hotel and decided to travel directly to Pune from Mumbai airport. The journey takes around 4-5 hours, and I have booked KK travels shared Cab. I have used their service previous journeys and been very pleased with the other travels and drivers. The safety aspect is nothing to worry about at all. As a foreigner and women I was allowed to sit in the front.

The price was an other good surprise, shared cab cost only 1000 rupees. It is costly but to compare with the bus tickets cost 400 rupees, I think the 600 rupees extra is worth it.

picture from kk travels website.

So, KK travels please do not let me down this time. The only thing I wish for is a smooth pick up from the airport and safe drop of at my home.