Study little Indian economy

I have read my papers in Indian Eco about Small and medium enterprises.
As i guess many knows India´s small medium manufacturing output is around 39 % and have around 264 lakh workers.
So, no wounder people are worried about liberazing and the international completion both in quality, but also with chines prices. What will happened with all this people if the small enterprise become sick unites or have to shut down.
In the long run protectionism does not help, it great effectiveness, higher cost on products and much more.
India´s small scale industries are very important for them, however they can not have protectionism ether.
If India want to be a future land they have to manage many problems first.

Alone in the rain

Alone in the rain

The whole week we finally do not have any classes, we can still go to college and ask prof. if we have any questions. Everything is about to prepare for the external exams.
My plans is to go and stay with my Indian family till Wednesday and hopefully study. Also to be with the family.
Finally, some homemade food after weeks with mess and restaurants food.

The poppy on the pic look so lots and unhappy.
Can I have a poppy in the hostel room?