Dinner and timings

Tonight I and some friends are going out for dinner (finally). After too many days of hostel food.

The place we are going to is in KP, which is near to my hostel. But, I have to get back to the hostel at 11. The reason is without night out or late out, we girls has to be back at 11 on Saturdays. Everything is about our safeness.
I was in the beginning irritated with the timings 10 and 11 o´clock and to get night out permission from my own dad in Sweden. With the timings and requesting my dad for night out, makes me feel like a kid again.
As Sir said, it is for your safeness. For sure it is for our safeness hostel has this rules.

Now, a days I am use with it, it does not feel that bad.

Orange and pineapple juices

Orange and pineapple juices

Today, has been pretty much a heavy day.
Not because of many classes, more to too less classes and tension.
I had second test in cross cultural management (open book test). More or less I have been study.
For sure I have no idea how to handle all the papers laying on my desk, bed, floor. books any notes and copies…

Can I get more?

This with veg- food…
More or less we only get non-veg breakfast max 2 times a week. Non-veg breakfast is only with eggs.
Lunch veg all the time, daal, beans, sometimes paneer.
Dinner… non-veg 3/4 times… Then we get chicken or egg normally.
But the food is “little” bit too hot for me, been in India for 2,5 months and still the food is to hot. Will I ever get use to it?

I haven´t been out during the whole week, because of studies. However, tomorrow is Friday and i will probably take it more easy with the studies.

I have started to study for Indian economy paper and that subject is interesting.