Starbacks in Pune


Yes, I have been there, just like everyone else. When I got to know Starbucks was going to open in Pune, I told my friends I want to go there.
Starbucks is located in KP opposite to German Bakery. (I have to go to German Bakery one day too).

What Starbucks has in India is almost the same coffee, food and products. But I do think they have little other food. The price is less then in Sweden.

To enter Starbucks the customer has to pass the metal detector, it pips on everyone but the security men do not check anyone. Just like how it is in the malls, stations and many other places.

Homemade food

Homemade food

What can I say? Homemade food is so much better then the mess food.
It was aloo (potato) 2 vegetables (bhadji) salad, rice and something fried.
A lot of food and many people in the house during last weekends function.