Best pav bhaji I ever had

Best pav bhaji I ever had

I guess the reader have already figured out I love food. Food is the best thing I know, special to try new food and I rely like Indian food. Indian food which is not the mess food. Mess food and homemade food can not compare.

I told in a earlier post I had really good food in a popular restaurant next to FC road.
This restaurant has maybe 4 different dishes, but seriously amazing pav bhaji. For you how do not know what pav stand for is bread and bhaji is vegetable more or less.
Pav bhaji is easy to make at home too (I have tried to make it in Sweden once, but hm.. it turn out to be little bit different).
One reason why this food taste like heaven can be they add allot of butter!
Indians love masala and butter in the food, impossible to escape from that.

I guess before I leave India I have to come back to this restaurant to just eat pav bhaji.


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