Sweets are just too sweets

Sweets are just too sweets

Today I went to Camp and met up a friend, how needed to do some work in FRO.
It is crazy how much it cost to travel wit a auto nowadays. From Swargate to Cap with a Auto I would say the price will be around 80 rupees, but with the local bus the price is 10 rupees. That is huge different. I would not recommend anyone to travel with the local bus during rush hour. however, it is no problem to take the bus when it less crowed ie. at 3.

So when I came home, I found Adji (grandmother) and sister making sweets for Diwali and of course I wanted to do Indian sweets. My part of the job was adding the sugar.
The sweets are deep fried and have allot of sugar. A small part of a the sweet taste good.
It was fun/interesting to see how Indians make sweets.

Fresh from the market

Fresh from the maret

Every Monday host dad goes to the market. It is more or less like the farmers market we have in Sweden, but on this market they only sell vegetables and fruits. The market area is huge and it is easy to get lost. However, to get the best vegetables to a good price the buyer has to arrive early in the morning. In the market it is very crowded with people, two-wheelers, mini tractors and sellers
After the market it is time to clean everything, that takes time.
yesterday I helped my host sister with cleaning the wheat, it was my first time. Cleaning the wheat is to remove the old wheat and insects, before the wheat become wheat flour. We needed to clean 5 kg of wheat. It took time, and was not that fun, thanks god I had company. What a work a Indian women has in the household!

Temple at home

Temple at home

This is a small temple at home. The temple is in the kitchen.
They keep the light on always, beside when the lights goes.
It is the mom in the house how writhe the text with a powder. I have tried to writhe A, B, C, D etc. But it was not easy. (was happy if it was possible to the which letter it was).
Every Indian family has a temple, some has a whole room while other has in smaller scale.