Sweets are just too sweets

Sweets are just too sweets

Today I went to Camp and met up a friend, how needed to do some work in FRO.
It is crazy how much it cost to travel wit a auto nowadays. From Swargate to Cap with a Auto I would say the price will be around 80 rupees, but with the local bus the price is 10 rupees. That is huge different. I would not recommend anyone to travel with the local bus during rush hour. however, it is no problem to take the bus when it less crowed ie. at 3.

So when I came home, I found Adji (grandmother) and sister making sweets for Diwali and of course I wanted to do Indian sweets. My part of the job was adding the sugar.
The sweets are deep fried and have allot of sugar. A small part of a the sweet taste good.
It was fun/interesting to see how Indians make sweets.

2 thoughts on “Sweets are just too sweets

  1. Ya i missed sweets a lot while i was in Sweden, Indians and sweets are inseparable…. When some one comes to Sweden from Sweden the first we ask them is did you bring sweets….

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