Indian fast food

Indian fast food

Indian fast food and is not street food! Can it be possible? Yes and the food was okay.
The saddest part is I do not remember the restaurant chain name or the dish’s name (something with paneer)
However, this was my plat and probably you know already I love paneer. It is impossible to get too much paneer,but it is very heavy food.

Look like it was tandoori paneer and the grilled vegetables and some more food.

From the lunch, I had some food over, which I have not touch. To let the food go as waste is something I am against. Specially in India, with starvation and people living under poverty line. So, what I did was take all untouched food put on a plate and gave the food to the street kids outside the restaurant.
A small, simple thing to do. But the smile you get and the feeling, are one of the best.

Strenght does not come form physical capacity

Strenght does not come form physical capacity

In some minuets I going to my gym for lower body exercises. I prefer lower body then upper body, just more fun.
My bag is pack with everything I need. Thanks good for weekend, because normally my bag wight is around 5 kg now half of the wight.
Then in the evening I might meet up a friend, let see how many cup of coffee I need to stay awake!

I can not belive I have energy for gym, when it was really hard to complete my assignment today.

Many hours

Many hours

Last night I met my very good friend of mine. Last time I met her was during Diwali holiday. We had so much fun last night.

Right now, I am stuck with reading some notes about social entrepreneurship, less fun but I have to. In the morning I have (hopefully finished my Emotional intelligent & leadership assignment.
My plans for today is finish the notes, then go to gym (lower body with PT) and in the evening meet some friends for dinner.
Somehow I have to get some hour of sleep too. Let see how it goes with that idea.

Got a parcel with Chrsitmas feelings

Last days I have been waiting to get a parcel from Sweden.
This is a big percale from my lovely parents in Sweden. For sure I was not ready to get this big Christmas percale from them.  Image

So, instead of doing my assignment in emotional intelligence & leadership, I started with my new project. Open the big blue box.
what I found first was a broken gingerbread biscuit box broken and felt the smell of the yummy Christmas cookies.
Well, the parcel had allot of Christmas sweets and it gave me some Christmas feeling. Right now or nowadays we have 27 degree hot during the day (what we have in Sweden during a warm summer day).
This some of what were inside the parcel.
Christmas chocolate calender, hard bread, Christmas sweets, chocolate and a Swedish book.
Well, now I am facing a problem with all the yummy sweets and my diet.
What to do, this made my day and 1,5 hours in the gym.

The chocolate I got, too much for me. Marabou know how to make good chocolate. While Indian chocolates are just sweet.

Say what, how can it be like this

So today I had my first class in social entrepreneurship.
The students are not at all motivated to learn or study. They interrupted prof. and wanted a free lecture. They said no class today, we are so bored and so on, while the prof. was giving information to some exchange students.
The prof. said also I will give all importants notes down stairs, so you can just collect the notes after the class. Because it is time waste for you students to look up by yourself. Prof. kept on talking we will use this book first chapters in it and from this chapter some pages and then some other books. So, we should not buy any books. Everything we will get from prof.

We are in college, and get all information in front of us, where is the learning process to collect information? How lazy can they be or spoiled?

Sometimes I do not understand how Indian education as a reputation to be hard. Yes, probably in 10th and 12th standards.
But this, in college. What is hard is all the exams are on the same time. If, they made how we have in Sweden, one subject for 4 weeks and then exam. Indian eduction would be easier.
This is not only in social entrepreneurship, this is in many subjects.

Then how can students show so little interests to study and learn, but also lacking of behavior.

Normal day with food

Normal tiffiny

My normal food to college, 40% of my bag is with food, 50 % gym clothes and 10 % study material (tab).

A fruit for 10:00 snack, I have to eat that before the class, we are not allowed to eat during class.
2 boxes with vegetables and 200 ml curd for lunch.
Before the gym I have to eat a bowl of fruits and dry dates.
Therefor after the gym drink protein powder shake.

But when the mess serve mix salad or something like that, I do not need to bring my own vegetables. Which mean more space in my bag!

But for dinner the mess serve dosa, dosa is good, I love dosa. On the other side dosa has no protein or anything I need to eat. Thank good I have a refrigerator in my room with food!

So beautiful to see and yummy to eat.

So, my sweet tooth took over and I bought for us Macrons. 125 rupees each without taxes, but so worth it (what I thought). But my friend had a other point of view. 
My friend said: Hey, this taste like the sweets we can sometimes get in the temples.
I was enjoying the sweet till 100 %, then boom, which Indian sweet can taste like Macrons? I have no idea.
The other in my friend´s family thought that too. Indian sweet… No, no, not at all. Macrons are macrons, yummy.
When I am back in Sweden, I will try for sure to make Macrons. I guess it is hard to make, but i have too.


Chocolate, raspberry, citron and passion fruit


What I do in college, time pass

What I do in college, time pass

After a day in college, with a messy time table. What I mean with messy is because of half of the students have disaster management for this week. So, some classes do not happened and some other happened. Funniest part is, I have not got any good information which classes are canceled.
So, today I went for my first class (9:15), I was in a hurry because I did not want to attend the class late. But when I enter the classroom I did not recognize many from the subjects. Instead, there was disaster management class.
We got the mail of this week cancel classes, after 2 days. So tomorrow, I am sure I do not have my morning class. Still, I do not know if social entrepreneurship class is happening tomorrow, it did not happened yesterday or today. Which mean I have to ask the coordinator (again after lunch).

Best part is I have got notes from brand management and in 2 weeks we will have the first test. It is just start to read the notes and prepare.

L’Opéra in India


What can I say? A bakery which does not make Indian cakes? A bakery with allot of tasty and beautiful bakeries. They did also have allot more.
What I can say, the price is little higher, but what to do when I recognize so many bakeries and feel my sweet tooth taking over.
Of course, I got some sweet things from L’Opéra. Only becuase Opéra was very big surprise for me, I found them on internet and apparently it is possible to order and get it delivered.