Happy Diwali


So, the lamp s hanging outside the door, just like everyone else.
The light is on during the whole Diwali.
Our society has many families hang up the lamp with other lights.
To see all the lamps, make it more welcoming then normally. specially when Indians do not let light be on in a room, if they are not there.
So Happy Diwali, festival of light!

A other temple at home


This is a other small temple which aba and adji have.
Every morning aba (grandfather) prays and change the flowers.
I do not know which all the Gods they have. but it is a small and nice temple.
After we made sweets adji gave/show the sweets to the Gods. I did not really understand why. But when we make some special sweets for a God we need to show/give the sweets to the God before we can eat them. So, if I made some Christmas sweets I would need to give/show the sweets to Jesus. That would be a little bit wired for me

More Sweets


Yesterday adji made more sweet for Diwali.
This time she made Ladoo. I have not idea how she made them but they are really yummy.
The sweet is heavy and big.
I have started to think Diwali is all bout sweets.