A other temple at home


This is a other small temple which aba and adji have.
Every morning aba (grandfather) prays and change the flowers.
I do not know which all the Gods they have. but it is a small and nice temple.
After we made sweets adji gave/show the sweets to the Gods. I did not really understand why. But when we make some special sweets for a God we need to show/give the sweets to the God before we can eat them. So, if I made some Christmas sweets I would need to give/show the sweets to Jesus. That would be a little bit wired for me

2 thoughts on “A other temple at home

  1. Showing the sweets to God is like offering sweets to him. Since God is omnipresent, the touch of wind, the touch of water in the air(water vapour)..like that the five elements of nature(earth,air,water,fire,sky) are offered the sweets. The same elements are responsible for the life on the earth.

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