Pooja in the morning

Pooja in the morning

Last Monday on the 4th, my host family did pooja at 6:30 o’clock in the morning.
So the night before we prepared all the gifts to the Gods or books (I m not that sure). Everything were of five, 5 fruits, 5 almonds, 5 sugar cubs, etc. What my host brother said, this is the day they use to open the new books for the business. And the pooja is to pray to have a good business year.
We did pooja and after we had some fireworks and went to the temple. The temple was very crowded because everyone had done pooja. All people were beautiful dress in sarees, khurtas and other traditional Indian dresses.
More or less I was just a big question mark during pooja, because pooja was not in English and it went very fast.
Then at 11 we went to the shop and did pooja AGAIN. So many poojas that day.

Actually I did one mistake, I was next to the sofa with all the gods in my shoes. Not a good idea, because you are not supposed to wear shoes near any God. It ended up with my host mom told me: Please do not have shoes on, there are Gods!
But, why should we not have shoes on? I know, in every temple we have to remove our shoes.

4 thoughts on “Pooja in the morning

  1. You should not have shoes because, if with the same shoes you are walking on roads, here and there,the shoes will get dirty. When you pray to God, you do it with cleanliness. The other reason, is for the flow of cosmic energy through your body when you pary for God. Observe that , if you think deep, praying to God is just that praying yourself, talking to your own soul.

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