Street food next

Street food next

Typical street food place. My host brother and me went to a Satara Road where there a group street food seller.
There we order S.P.D.P, some of the ingridiens are the same as there are in Pani puri. Seriously street food is not at all hygienically but probably that is why it so taste.
S.P.D.P was for 30 rupees.

Mmm… Paneer

Mmm... Paneer

During Diwali, more or less during 5 days. My host mom was not allowed to use the pan for chapati. In order to that we did not have the normal food. No bhaji with chapati. No food which need the pan. Instead we had fried food, rice, poha, bhel and etc. The food we ate, we also added the homemade snacks or sweets. The reason why the women shall not use the pan, is because during Diwali she has holiday and should enjoy with less cooking.

However, one evening we went to restaurant Abhishek. That restaurant is pure veg and make amazing food, so in the evenings there are a long cue, 20 minuets waiting. One of the dishes we ordered was paneer from the tandoori.
For them how do not know what paneer is, paneer is cottage cheese. I just love, love paneer and the dishes we ate were really good!