In Delhi

Now, I am in Delhi and when I stepped out from the airplane I felt a could air. The temperature was around 18 degrees.
Before, in Pune I did a mistake in the security check. I did totally forget India has a male cue and female security check. So, I went to male cue, but they told me females check is on the other side in a box. Why is male security open, so everyone can see and female security in a box?
Then in the waiting area, I saw a group men in a group standing outside the bathroom. My thought was this is wired, male has a cue and female does not. But the I saw next to the male bathroom was a Tv with cricket game on.

Old part of Pune

Old part of Pune

During Diwali my host brother and I needed to some work. So we went to Laxmi Road in Pune. Laxmi Road belongs to the older part of Pune and has many, many small store and all sort of stores. Stores which sell “western inspired clothes”, traditional Indian clothes, party clothes, jewelries and much other.
During Diwali it was almost hopeless to go there, because the traffic jam and people, special next to Thusi Bag. Everyone buy new things during Diwali.

On the other side, Laxmi Road has something which no shopping street in Sweden has. I do not know what it is, but there is something. Maybe the reason is all the small store with many lights shining on the road.
For sure before I leave India, I have to go here and do some window shopping.