Kalibari Mandir

Kalibari Mandir

During my first day in the big city. My friend took me on the bus. My friend told me in the front of the bus is for laidies and back of the bus is for the men. Which is diffrernt from Pune local buss, the lady side is on the left side and right side is for the men.

Before we came to Connaught Place (CP), we went to a Mandir (temple). If I got it right, we visit Kalibari.
When we and everyone else entered the temple area, we needed to clean our hands and feet but also but a fabric on our head. (While in church the visit should show the head in God house).

Well, in this very beautiful temple we walked around, heard them reading form the book, went to a pool of water with allot of fishes. Again, if I got it right is for make a wish and it was possible to step down a little bit in the pool.

I could not take any photos inside the temple because cameras were not allowed. That is little sad, but it is just accept it.

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