First day in college

Finally I have met many of my friends. It was very nice to meet them in college , however many of the prof. and students will not be in college during the first week.
For me I have college from 9:15 – 2:00, four subjects. First class is Emotional intelligence and leadership for team building, second is brand management, third Environmental risk management and last Projects (problem identification). Hopefully, I will also be able to study a subject from Sweden.
Today, in college I only had one class and it was brand management and I think the subject will be very interesting to study.

After college, in the heat (27 degrece hot and then sun) I walked to my gym and paid for personal trainer. If I do not have anyone waiting on me and pushing me, then the gym would not see me. So I have to have someone to push me. maybe you think I just going to attend the gym for a months and the quite, but no, I will go to the gym for 6/7 days in a week.
From today, my holiday is over, which means less restaurant food, street food, sweets, deep fried and so on. Best part is I do not drink alcohol at all.

For a day ago I ordered some books and I got the books today. Delivered to my door. Suspenseful it is possible to pay with cash. Why dose not this exist in Sweden, pay with cash? So much easier and saftier then pay with card.

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