Ready for the gym

Ready for the gym

Found what I was looking for in Phoenix mall, but it was not easy to find the stores.
I was walking on every floor to get what I needed.
The gloves are made for boxing and for the gym, but were the only black par. Many other were pink or the words “go girl” on. Too much girly girl for my.

Last time when I went to the gym everyday, I did not get enough of protein and I hope it will not happen again.

Tomorrow is college to 1/2 and then gym!
Life is pretty easy right now without assignments or tests (yet)

Jantar Mantar Complex


Jantar Mantar was built in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh – II, the mathematician and astronomer king of Jaipur. The name Jantar Mantar means instrument for calculation. All these instruments can be used for various astronomical calculations.
My friend and I come to this place after a long day with Ho Ho bus.


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Back on track

Today in college I had 2 out of 4 subjects and met more friends.
Best part of all is I went to the gym and did cycling, running for 50 minutes. Now, I have to go and get gloves for the gym and try to find good protein powder. The reason is it is hard to get enough protein with the hostel food and exercise 6-7 days in a week.

Place with color





My friend and me found this graffiti on our way to the tank of water in Hauz Khas. It was hard to find the way to the tank, we needed to ask many people. Some places did not feel that nice.
I specially like the eye and mouth with the words: shut your mouth, open your eye.
The words are so true.