Yummy yum

Yummy yum

One pizza without chilli and no veg.
But if I should eat this pizza or the mess food with yellow daal, paneer and salad. I would acutely eat the mess food over the pizza. Is that not wired? Mess food instead of of a yummy pizza. Maybe, but I have never been a big fan of pizza or it is just because of salad.

However, I do need breaks from Indian food, I can not eat have Indian food two times a day for 2 months or even 1 months. before the breaks, the Indian food feels like it have the same base; onion and garlic with chilli. During the breaks I need non-veg, anything without chilli, something without burning hot feeling.

When I am back in Sweden I will miss Indian food, the veg and non-veg. I think I should look for some good cooking books with Indian food. Anyone how knows good cooking books?

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