When it is chicken roll in the mess

When it is chicken roll in the mess

Today´s dinner is chicken roll and veg/cheese rolls. In the end the mess is almost empty, more or less all girls order food from outside.
It is possible to get the food home delivered, to know Marathi and/or Hindi is a very good plus. So for me, because I can not speak any of those languages it is easier for me to order take away.
I bought tandoori chicken and veg tandoori with mushrooms. Everything were burning hot, but better then chicken rolls.

A part of the hostel room

A part of the hostel room

I have been in this hostel for 5 months and I call hostel home nowadays. For 5 months sharing room with a other girl. On one side of the room is “my” side with a bed and a desk and on the other side is my roommate side. It is hard to make the hostel room personal or have time for yourself.

We have also a refrigerator in our room because I am guess in the country and have a other food habits. I am very thankful.
Normally, the rooms do not have refrigerator or AC.

Good street food

Delhi Street food outside the Red fort.
Street food is nothing for people how are concern about the hygiene or stay fit. Because it is very oil and they sell food next to heavy traffic road with allot of pollution, but also how often do the man wash his hands? More or less never.
Indian street food is something special, I have not had Indian street food any where else, no restaurants that I have visit have street food on the menu card.

I have not idea what this dish calls, to point out, this is a Delhi street food and I have not seen in Pune.
The dish has a white bread with allot of butter, chickpea, in masala with a topping of onion. 
Served on a peace of a newspaper, is to walk around with.
I can also point out, it was very hot for me. After 5 months in India, I am still not use to the chilli.