What I do in college, time pass

What I do in college, time pass

After a day in college, with a messy time table. What I mean with messy is because of half of the students have disaster management for this week. So, some classes do not happened and some other happened. Funniest part is, I have not got any good information which classes are canceled.
So, today I went for my first class (9:15), I was in a hurry because I did not want to attend the class late. But when I enter the classroom I did not recognize many from the subjects. Instead, there was disaster management class.
We got the mail of this week cancel classes, after 2 days. So tomorrow, I am sure I do not have my morning class. Still, I do not know if social entrepreneurship class is happening tomorrow, it did not happened yesterday or today. Which mean I have to ask the coordinator (again after lunch).

Best part is I have got notes from brand management and in 2 weeks we will have the first test. It is just start to read the notes and prepare.

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