Say what, how can it be like this

So today I had my first class in social entrepreneurship.
The students are not at all motivated to learn or study. They interrupted prof. and wanted a free lecture. They said no class today, we are so bored and so on, while the prof. was giving information to some exchange students.
The prof. said also I will give all importants notes down stairs, so you can just collect the notes after the class. Because it is time waste for you students to look up by yourself. Prof. kept on talking we will use this book first chapters in it and from this chapter some pages and then some other books. So, we should not buy any books. Everything we will get from prof.

We are in college, and get all information in front of us, where is the learning process to collect information? How lazy can they be or spoiled?

Sometimes I do not understand how Indian education as a reputation to be hard. Yes, probably in 10th and 12th standards.
But this, in college. What is hard is all the exams are on the same time. If, they made how we have in Sweden, one subject for 4 weeks and then exam. Indian eduction would be easier.
This is not only in social entrepreneurship, this is in many subjects.

Then how can students show so little interests to study and learn, but also lacking of behavior.

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