Got a parcel with Chrsitmas feelings

Last days I have been waiting to get a parcel from Sweden.
This is a big percale from my lovely parents in Sweden. For sure I was not ready to get this big Christmas percale from them.  Image

So, instead of doing my assignment in emotional intelligence & leadership, I started with my new project. Open the big blue box.
what I found first was a broken gingerbread biscuit box broken and felt the smell of the yummy Christmas cookies.
Well, the parcel had allot of Christmas sweets and it gave me some Christmas feeling. Right now or nowadays we have 27 degree hot during the day (what we have in Sweden during a warm summer day).
This some of what were inside the parcel.
Christmas chocolate calender, hard bread, Christmas sweets, chocolate and a Swedish book.
Well, now I am facing a problem with all the yummy sweets and my diet.
What to do, this made my day and 1,5 hours in the gym.

The chocolate I got, too much for me. Marabou know how to make good chocolate. While Indian chocolates are just sweet.

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