Indian fast food

Indian fast food

Indian fast food and is not street food! Can it be possible? Yes and the food was okay.
The saddest part is I do not remember the restaurant chain name or the dish’s name (something with paneer)
However, this was my plat and probably you know already I love paneer. It is impossible to get too much paneer,but it is very heavy food.

Look like it was tandoori paneer and the grilled vegetables and some more food.

From the lunch, I had some food over, which I have not touch. To let the food go as waste is something I am against. Specially in India, with starvation and people living under poverty line. So, what I did was take all untouched food put on a plate and gave the food to the street kids outside the restaurant.
A small, simple thing to do. But the smile you get and the feeling, are one of the best.

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