What a menu

What a menu

So, this how we get to know our meals will be for almost a week ahead.
We are supposed to get email, but that we only got once, first week in college.
Some of the dishes I do not like is when we get Hakka nodules, they are so oily and where is the protein?
But the food is good when we get paneer or anything with beans and chicken.

View and a good day in college

Today, was a really good day! Beside I can fall asleep in any seconds, because I was awake till 1 for preparing for today presentation, gym and food.

Well, last night around 10:30 I started to prepare my part in our presentation, I had only 5 slides to present and talk about. Which was easy to handle. Of course before presenting the presentation my stomach had butterflies.
Afterwards, the prof. said our presentation was excellent, really good, but we do not the final marks yet.
Before the class ended we got back our test, 7,5 out of 10. I seriously did not expect 7,5, a very nice surprise.

Then after lunch, in social and cooperate entrepreneurship, I got to know my marks in the first test, 9/10. 

Can a day be better? I doubt.

so sad dinner

so sad dinner

Today, was pretty good day.
I had a day for myself, I was mostly in my room and study, watch “Inspection”. However in the evening when the heat is less I went to the gym. In the gym, 35 minuets cardio and 15 minuets stomach exercise.

I met a friend over a juice, orange and carrot. Indians have the habit to add sugar in everything. How hard can it be to just give us juice without sugar?

But, back to my sad, sad dinner. This was my dinner in the mess. To oily vegetables (could not finish them) and many many eggs.



Today for breakfast the mess served Poha. When I saw poha I thought “this look so good”. But also I know poha is really tasty.
A sad troth is I am following my diet. I do not follow it like a slave, sometimes I eat more non-veg then vegetables or more of daal then non-veg.

However, the breakfast, no I just can not skip my oat or eggs and instead eating poha. I will let my friends eat more of poha.

I wish some Indian restaurants in Sweden could serve poha.

post cards

post cards

So, I have some postcard which I have written for some days ago. For some days they have been lying on my desk and I have been thinking tomorrow I will post them.
But every day I forget them.
I guess, tonight I will but them in my bag so I will not forget the cards.

Then I get a other question where is the nearest post office. The thing is I have not seen any post office in this area.

Steak or burger meat?

Steak or burger meat?

Last evening I met up to of my good friends. We went to Turtuilla, restaurant in KP.
The place has west food, from veg food to pork, lam and beef.

What I would say about the restaurant is that, it is a place to go with friends to have dinner before going out and clubbing. The reason is they play load music and the atmosphere is in that area. Many customer around 20-30 dressed up for a night out.
While my friends and I wanted to talk and eat good food. Well the food was good, but the talking part was less successful.

We all three ordered steak with mashed potatoes in sort of brown sauce. If the steak really was a steak is a question for me, because the steak was really thick, sort of 5-7 cm thick. But the best part, the meat was medium raw.

Naan, naaaaaaan

Why can I always get naan for dinner?
I think naan is much better then roti or chapati. The thing is also naan can have butter, garlic and much more.

When I went out on dinner with my friend. It ends with I eat the most, my friend says Elin you need more naan. But I prefer to eat more chicken then naan. A half naan is perfect with almost a whole tandoori chicken.


veg dinner


Christmas food at a friends place.
My Christmas was pretty good. At the Christmas party one of the German guys mad veg food for everyone. The veg food was pretty good to be made in India.

Nowadays I feel I have had too much chicken.I mean too much, Chicken is chicken not really non-veg. Please can have non-veg with some vegetables.

Cow and muuu


Maybe this cow try to hide from the people? Or just eat something else then plastic bags.
Can the cows really have a good life in India? I do not think so…
Well, I can not get enough to take photos on cows. Just love the animal with the big brown eyes. Cows are so peaceful, maybe one of the best animals. They are also very tasty.

Time to sleep, because today has been a tiring day. Just have not slept enough this week. Tomorrow Friday (can not believe it!)

A great book


Hopefully you know I am studying a subject “Emotional intelligence and leadership”. I can agree it sounds a bit wired, what are we doing in that class?
Well, first of all, that subject is very interesting. We have been discussion and study different sort of leadership stile, as in transaction leadership, level five, stress and conflicts.

We have right now presentation in class and my group got the subject Emotional intelligence. There for I am reading this very interesting book by Daniel Goleman. In the book he has given many different examples of situations of emotional and how to handle them.

IQ (20% important) give us the job opportunity but to clime up in level is based on EI (80%). So why is IQ in focus in our education when it is more important to be able to handle our emotion and others?

In the end, this book is a most to read. Thank you my prof. to recommend this book.
(I think I will buy this book or on other by Daniel Goleman)