On a diet

To go out for dinner with friends and tell them I am on a diet. So, I am not going to eat this or that.
Then they look on me and say hey you do not need to loose wight. Well, I know I do not need to loose wight and that is not the reason I am on diet.
There are many different diets, but diet is associated to loose wight.
Then I explain my diet is to gain wight or more right get muscles and be healthy. But with Indian food (specilly with mess food) it is not easy to be eat healthy. Sometimes it is also hard to get vegetables for lunch or dinner in the mess.

Good time with friends

Good time with friends

A evening out with friends. We went to high spirit (open till midnight), couple entrees for 1000 rupees, and single 1000. Then we got coupons for food.
We ordered non-veg tandoori chicken with roti. Non of us like gravy, I have not really understood why so many dishes have gravy. What is the point with gravy?

After we just took a drive around Pune and with Arabic songs. To have windows down to feel the chilly wind and the roads are almost empty. Complete opposite from how the roads are during day time.