The feeling to be a exchange student

I have sometimes have got the feeling/thoughts of, wow I am in India. I am in India, this is crazy. This would never happened in my normal life in Sweden. During that time I can not help to have a big smile on  my lips. That feeling can make the whole day.
It is not college which give me the smile, it is my friends. I have met many international students and friends, but also just enjoyed many hours with them. It is this feeling every exchange student experiment and fall in love in the feeling and the time abroad. May be it is possible to get simular feeling in my home country, but not the same.
This was one of the reason i came back to India.
I am lucky to be here.
Lucky to have met amazing friends.

Thank you


A friend of mine came back to college and had some sweets for me. I have no idea what sort of sweets it is but Herat is famous for this sweets. I could not not eat the sweets and sorry Indians but this sweets from Afghanistan is much better then many of Indians sweets. Sticky, crispy and really nice. 

Sometimes it is okay to not follow the diet…
What would life be without good food/sweets?