The result

I was pretty happy with my result. Or at least how they look like.
When I crashed the ginger bread cookies, the smell of the cookies hit me and for the first time got Christmas feeling. 
This chocolate is for tomorrow, and hopefully my friends will like it.

A mistake I did, I totally forgot the time and the chocolate became to hard to work with. So, in the end I needed to heat little water again and melt the chocolate for the second time.

What am I doing?

What am I doing?

So, tomorrow is Christmas and I have absolutely no Christmas feeling at all.
The last days I have try to find precipices for food or sweets which I can make without paying too much. A big problem I am facing is, to find potato flour, or syrup and much more.

So, in the end I found one, very simple and hopefully it will turn out good.
Just melt chocolate and let it cool down, when the chocolate is cool, make small chocolate balls and roll them in ginger bred crunches.

Best part, in my Christmas parcel I got a BIG box of ginger bread cookies!
Right now, I am just testing how it turns out with 200 gram dark chocolate. If it turns out good, I will probably do it again.