Steak or burger meat?

Steak or burger meat?

Last evening I met up to of my good friends. We went to Turtuilla, restaurant in KP.
The place has west food, from veg food to pork, lam and beef.

What I would say about the restaurant is that, it is a place to go with friends to have dinner before going out and clubbing. The reason is they play load music and the atmosphere is in that area. Many customer around 20-30 dressed up for a night out.
While my friends and I wanted to talk and eat good food. Well the food was good, but the talking part was less successful.

We all three ordered steak with mashed potatoes in sort of brown sauce. If the steak really was a steak is a question for me, because the steak was really thick, sort of 5-7 cm thick. But the best part, the meat was medium raw.

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