What a menu

What a menu

So, this how we get to know our meals will be for almost a week ahead.
We are supposed to get email, but that we only got once, first week in college.
Some of the dishes I do not like is when we get Hakka nodules, they are so oily and where is the protein?
But the food is good when we get paneer or anything with beans and chicken.

View and a good day in college

Today, was a really good day! Beside I can fall asleep in any seconds, because I was awake till 1 for preparing for today presentation, gym and food.

Well, last night around 10:30 I started to prepare my part in our presentation, I had only 5 slides to present and talk about. Which was easy to handle. Of course before presenting the presentation my stomach had butterflies.
Afterwards, the prof. said our presentation was excellent, really good, but we do not the final marks yet.
Before the class ended we got back our test, 7,5 out of 10. I seriously did not expect 7,5, a very nice surprise.

Then after lunch, in social and cooperate entrepreneurship, I got to know my marks in the first test, 9/10. 

Can a day be better? I doubt.