Maybe this picture should not be a big deal, after 7 months in India. A cow on the street next to garbage and eating from a bag with green things.
If the cow are so holy in India, why do not care what the cows eat, the living standards.

My friend comment, Why do you need to take a photo of this? You are such a tourist!
This is India, so why not take photo of that?

3 thoughts on “cow

  1. They don’t even care people..How could you expect them to care for animals they consider holy? Many children suffer malnutrition. Not many people get 3 meals a day!! We cann’t expect much !! By the way , your attitude of questioninig things is great!! many indians(90%) lack that!!

    • So true about your statement.
      65 % of Indians are living in poverty.
      It feels like Indians love to show the good part of the country and hide the rest. The part which India need to work on and improve.
      In the end Indians have become aware of the problem to make a change, no other will do Indians job.

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