When it is bad food in the mess.. We do what?

Today we had such a wired dinner menu in the mess.
Dosa, Utapa and chapati, with chutney.
When I reach my room. The first thing I asked my roommate was: Will you order food? Because the food in the mess is really bad today. Of course my roommate was going to order food.

I think I might have one of the best roommates ever. One of the reason is, I am really bad to order anything from internet. So, it ends up, she order our orders on Internet and I just pay her. After a hour, we get a phone call and go down to the get to collect our food. It is very easy way to buy food from restaruants. But, I have huge problems to do it.
What would I have done with my roommate?

We ordered from Marrakesh 45, in Viman Nagar. Good food for sure.
My order was, lamb with herbs, something with beans and a tandoori roti. I finished everything by myself.

I have no words

At 11 o’clock all international students were called to the conference  room for a meeting with some heads for Symbiosis.
So, we international students went there, the exchange students and Indians from other countries.
We were requested to ask question, problems we have faced during our time in College.
First we were quiet, none wanted to start to speak.

However, after some minutes a guy started to talk about the FRO. After that, many student wanted to speak. I was one of them.
Some students complain about the the coordinator request about some documents 2-3 times which they have submitted (every time).
Question is, were are the document? Do they loose our documents?

Why does the external exam change the dates, why do we get short notice about workshop, exams etc? We need information to plan our trips to home and make our studies easier.
Why does it take around 3 months to get our result, grate sheet?
Why do you not teach the students how to write a paper with proper reference notes? When there are so many students interested to go abroad for higher degrees?

If, this university want to become a good international university. Then they can not say (as what they did during the conference) we are better then many Indian university and you can not compare us with university which has exist over 100 year or university from abroad. We are a new university, only existed for 11 years.

Well, to be frank, if Symbiosis want to be a international university, then they have to compete and be compared with other  university from US, Canada, Europe and so on. 
Symbiosis should not excuse them self to be young and that is way they have not teach the student how to use reference notes (for an example). To compare to my own home university has exist from 1996 and we know how to write a proper paper. If we do not follow our prof. instructions, the prof. will not even read our paper. I want to point out a university from 1996 in Sweden is a young university (baby one , compare to Uppsalas University).

But, we know, if a university want to be international one, they have to be compared with other university abroad and see what Symbiosis can improve in. They have to improve in many aspects. No doubt this university is good in Indian standards, but international… I have not idea.
For sure, I really miss my academical studies in Sweden.

How can last year students get a bachelor degree without writing a proper paper?
That is my question in the end.
Can a degree from Symbiosis be compared to a degree from ie. Stockholms university?