When it is bad food in the mess.. We do what?

Today we had such a wired dinner menu in the mess.
Dosa, Utapa and chapati, with chutney.
When I reach my room. The first thing I asked my roommate was: Will you order food? Because the food in the mess is really bad today. Of course my roommate was going to order food.

I think I might have one of the best roommates ever. One of the reason is, I am really bad to order anything from internet. So, it ends up, she order our orders on Internet and I just pay her. After a hour, we get a phone call and go down to the get to collect our food. It is very easy way to buy food from restaruants. But, I have huge problems to do it.
What would I have done with my roommate?

We ordered from Marrakesh 45, in Viman Nagar. Good food for sure.
My order was, lamb with herbs, something with beans and a tandoori roti. I finished everything by myself.

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