Happy republic day

Today is India’s republic day. So many people wear white kurtas. Anyone how knows why?
People are selling the flag of India on the streets. Stores have decorated with orange, white and green. My college had a function at 8 am -10 am. But of course I did not go, just like many others.



So, today has not been very special.
Last night one of my friends asked if I could sleep over in her room. The reason is she cannot sleep alone. My friend has a roommate, but her roommate is almost never in the room. The reason is she studying mass communication in Symbiosis.

In that college they have classes every day, also on Sundays. Monday-Saturday classes from 9 to 6/7 and assignments for the next day. If that not enough they have to use college bag and everyday they have to follow the dress code.
Is that not crazy, compare to Symbiosis center for management studies.

Time flys

Time flys

I can not believe sometimes I have been here for over 7 months. 7 Months is not the long, but still more then a half of a year. Which I have survived India, Pune and college with hostel life.

Many people have asked me why I went to India for studies.
Normally my answer is, I do not know anymore. I did have one perception of the education here, but now I have a totally opposite point of view.
I do not regret I came here, I am so glad I came back to India. The reasons are many I have study subjects which I would never study in Sweden, I have allot of time to focus on myself. I have picked up sketching, I have got a good habit of exercising every day and read books.

But I know when I get back to Sweden it will be hard to get use to all the studies and start to write proper papers. I know also it will be harder to give time to cook, clean (because in hostel we have workers to do that). Also, I can not wait to get back my “normal” life.

I can tell you this,I have already started to plan my new adventures, adventures which I can not wait to face. It will be so much fun!

Typical Indian

Typical Indian

Today a group hold a presentation in team. It was impossible to hear what they were talking about. That was not the biggest problem, it was the slides. On every slide they had so much text, for me it felt I was reading an essay.
This is what I would say a big problem in my college at least (probably in many other Indian colleges too). The students do not know how to hold a presentation. They just do not know how to do it, that they need to speak load, do not hide, read from the computer or the wall.

Something a girl can not get too much of

Something a girl can not get too much of

As you might now that I really love Ritu Kumar dresses.
Some of the reasons are they are in high quality and beautiful design. Ritu Kumar know how to make dresses for functions which requires Indian or western clothes.
Some of the her dresses are just to die for and that dress on the picture is one of them.

It is dress with pants, 100 % silk and has the same closures as the sea. Perfect dress for summer and winter wear.

Compare to prices in Sweden for 100 % silk dress, Ritu Kumar is a good deal for us.

Here we go again

Here we go again

Yea, what to do, one more surprise menu (again). Feels like the surprise menu is on the menu every week.
From a week with allot of restaurant food (last week during Sympuls), it does feel like good to be back with the mess food (the ugly truth). Some of the mess food is okay, pretty good and defiantly, I can eat allot of.
So, probably I will have allot of mess food during this week and then start to complain again about how bad it is.

A book from library

A book from library

So, this is the latest book I am reading.
In our “big” library (which is very small compare to Swedish colleges. However, I found this book and thought I should give the book a try. Many people have been talking about it, so I should know what the book is about.
Well, the book is inspiring, but I would say the reader should take everything with a pinch of slat.

The book is with me where ever I go. It is in my bag.

Burger with beef

So, this was my last night dinner. A “classic beef burger” for 250 rupees.
To get some side dish, starts which was not oily or with bread were really heard. The servent said he could bring sandwush with peanut butter and jam or a sub. Which are not healthy at all. However, he was very kind and gave some extra salad.
I would say I am very pleased with the burger, the beef was very good. Probably I will not have any more burgers in India. My friends said the meal was too much for them, because they are use to Indian food.

In brooklyn

In brooklyn

For dinner, I met up some of my international friends in KP.
The reason was one of my friendĀ“s is leaving us and going to travel around in Indian and then Thailand.
So, we all went to a restaurant called Brooklyn in lane 7.
The sades part was the food is junk food, but very nice environment. A good place to hang out with friends, for a bottle of beer or just a to get some American junk in the body.