Important for the summer

Important for the summer

My plans for the upcoming summer is to work (where is a good question, I have send my CV to many job offers). But, the biggest but, is I am also applying to summer courses in Sweden.
The problem is to know what I want to apply for, should it be something fun, interesting or good to have?
The last day to apply for summer courses is the 17th of March, so there is some time left.

But, hopefully I will get a job and also be able to study.

Homemade food


Wow, sometimes I forget how tasty homemade food is.
Like the food is not too hot. The food has something extra and I do not know of what.
But is something more then just oil and spicy.
Problem is, Indian families gives one too much food. Way too much food.

The food on the plate was amazing
Paneer, Cashews, spring rolls and sweets. So much heavy food and really tasty.

An assignment, handwritten


Yesterday, I finally finished my assignment in Human Rights.
The assignment was with 1500 – 2000 words, and worst part Handwritten.
Handwritten assignment with 1500 words. It took me 2,5-3 hours to complete it. In the end I did not even care the spelling errors. Also, probably I wrote less then 1500 words.
How would even count how many words there are, it was at least 5 pages.

What now?

I have got back internet, but now I have problems to do updates on the blog. The farest i can get is to choose what sort of post i would like to do. Then nothing more. This is really annoying, what can i do?

A new book

A new book

Okay, the whole weekend the internet has been shot down in the hostel.

However I have got some new books from Phoenix mall. I can not stop buying books. Specially when the book look interesting and the price does not burn the wallet.
During my time in India I have been facing less fun experience with the food and nutrition. There for my interests about food increased, as in what is healthy and what sort of advantage and drawbacks different food has. In Sweden I liked to eat healthier, but now in India it has improved.

So, yesterday I came back from Phoenix mall with this book “foods that harm, foods that heal”. The book takes up allot about different food from chocolate, to meat, to apples. But also about anorexia, cancer and other sickness and what food is good to ea (that part is not so interesting for me).
I started to skim throw the book and I like it. It is never wrong to know what we put in our body and the effects. Because, I do not think anyone want to be sick based on the food intake.
Why people eat unhealthy food are based on two option in my point of view, lake of knowledge or money to eat healthy. But mostly lake of knowledge, which is very sad.

I do not want to be one of them how do not care about my body. I want to be healthy and eat right. Of course I (many other too) eat sometimes unhealthy, because we need to treat our self too. The point is, it should not be a habit or become a everyday “treat” because then it is not a treat anymore.

No internet

Today and tomorrow will we not have any internet.
Funniest part we didn’t have any hot water either, and hostel should provide hot water 24/7.
Awesome day!
Take care, let see what I will do now… Read a book maybe…

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie

Yesterday at 6 pm I went for the Lego movie.
I had been waiting to get company from friends for a long time and never ever happened.
There for, finally I went to the theater, ALONE. It was the first time I went to watch a movie alone. Normally I say 2 tickets for this movie…. but yesterday I said one ticket.

Seriously I do not understand what is the bad thing to go for a movie alone. I enjoyed to watch a movie alone, because I did not have any talking friend next to me.

Why is it tubae to watch a movie in a theater, that you should not. On the other hand it is fine to watch a movie on TV or computer alone. What is the differences?

Already now, my calander is market to watch “Rio 2” alone, no company. Me time.
A other thing too, I have grown as a person in India, because in Sweden I would never watch a movie or go out and eat alone, I had this limited thinking. I limited my own life. But here, I have done it and now I do not die, instead I enjoy it.

Back to the movie, The Lego movie is a comedy for kids. I saw the movie in 3D for 180 rupees (ca: 18 kr, crazy!). Everything in the movie was made of Lego. I would say the movie made also fun of The Lego. Overall I enjoyed it, maybe because I have memories form my childhood, or it is more symbolic. The movie is a nice one, and I would have watch this movie in Swden.
If I will watch The Lego movie again? Yes, as a happy movie, but not too many or often…

Btw, I love the end of the movie!

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