Without love to Delhi

Without love to Delhi

This photo was taken in Chandni Chowk Delhi
It was an experience to go there and see the local market, or more right a big local market.
On the photo is a store selling the dot Indian women wear between the eyebrows. Sorry, but I have totally forgot the name on it.

Chandni Chowk is an experience and near to the market is a very hold mosque. But the walk on the roads towards the mosque were horrible. There for I would say, never ever go alone in Chandni Chowk, especially foreign women. If you want to have everything with you from that area with your skin.

Best timing in the mess

Best timing in the mess

As everyone knows know. I really dislike Bollywood music in the mornings. Especially when the girls have the volume to lowed or when it is too much noise in the mess.
I guess one of the reason I have become more sensitive to too noise, is because I can not get a quiet minute. There is always some noise, horn, scream, talk or just traffic.

So, when the mess is almost empty and the TV is not on. I enjoy that time. maybe the most peacefullest moment I can get during the whole day. Is that not sad?

I just can not get enough

I just can not get enough

I can only say wow.
Wow, I was lucky yesterday. Also, in Sweden it is not hard to get salmon and I can actually eat salmon. Probably salmon has one of the best taste, there is no other fish with that flavor.
I love fish.
To get fish in Pune, is hard. The fishes in Pune has almost no taste and are expencive. To get good seafood in India, you have to be in the coast area.