paneer with rice

paneer with rice

I do not know what to write. The reason is nothing is really happening. I have college twice a week, Human rights.
Today our prof. got angry on the students how do not show any interest in the topic. So it ended up half off the class left. As ma’am said: she prefer to teach for 5 students which are interested in the subject then a whole class and half of the class is not interested.
Seriously, I can totally understand her. I have never ever seen this much lack of interested from students in any topics then i India.
Students are playing with the phones, talking (load), sleeping during the class. That is not at all acceptable or respectful. Why can they not be quiet and make notes and listen on the prof? is it that hard?

So, here is a photo on home made rice with paneer. Not at all healthy, but very yummy.

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