Again a cooooow

Again  a cooooow

I do know what to write during this days.
The thing is, I have holiday now till the 19th of March when my external exams starts.
There for I have to plan and start to study for the tests.

My days goes so fast, I have no idea how fast the days are running by. But I do have routines. I have to have routines to feel good. My meals are in every 2 hours, I wake up 7:30 everyday (my roommate has a bigger problem to wake up, she use snooze button too often if she hear the alarm).
I am in the gym between 1-2 hours everyday. (tomorrow will be a day off, my body need to rest). Then the whole day have passed by or my body is to tired to do anything.

But, back to cows, I just love them. The are so calm and peaceful, from my point of view. Is it possible to get mad on a cow? No, because they have so calm eyes. The cows just stand in the road and looking around, no matter if it is in India or Sweden.

Flower for the temple

Flower for the temple

Outside many temples in India are flower seller. The sellers have made huge “necklaces” by flowers in all sort of colors and smells.



I do not know what the thing calls for men. However, it look like a skirt which the men can make it long or short.
I have seen this in south of India, which mean it is more common.
Anyone how know what it is call?
Men skirt?