Do you want jucies?


It is possible to find this small seller of juices, or would this be called micro business?
In my case, I have never bought anything from this sort of place. The reason is I doubt it is hygienic.
Pretty stupid to take the risk and might get sick.
So, better to carry a water battle or go to a proper juice bar.

Perfect with my jumpsuit


This are the heels I ordered from Steve Madden. Are they not amazing?
The jumpsuit have long pants, to be able to wear the jumpsuit without destroy the ends, it is a most to have heels.
This heels are perfect to for the upcoming summer in Sweden. I just hope it will be good weather this summer and not a grey, cold with allot of rain, how it was 2012 summer.

Studying like crazy, drawing my mind-maps. Exams, here I come!