Rest and rest

Rest and rest

It is extremely hot today. Just the 5 minutes walk to the mess was a nightmare. Still this is just the begging of Indian summer…
How will I survive in April? For sure the fan most be on 24/7 and on highest speed.

So, today has been a sick day… what I have done is slept for hours, watch a movie and just resting.
Probably, I will not go to the gym tomorrow and exercise lower body. because my body is still weak and shaking. However, I will probably take a walk later today, when it is less hot.

This is just great

Speaking about getting sick…
Yesterday evening I started to get sick and fall asleep at 10 in the night. I waked up for breakfast, took milk and eggs and went back to my room. I was full after the oat (which is normally very little for me). My body was screaming for more rest.
Every time I am suppose to go to an other floor I normally take the stairs, but to day, I have absolutely no energy.
It is now, 11:20 I just walked up, I got more or less 13 hours sleep. My head is feeling like a dough.
My plans for studies is to forget about, or I will try…
Then I had made plan to meet my Friend and get homemade food and go out. That is a impossible.

Today is a very bad sick day…. Thank God that the gym is close today for maintaining!