Yummy chocolate

May be this is the best part with being sick is all the chocolate I can eat.
Also a good part is all the chocolates are Swedish, my parents gave them to me. Good to have chocolate at home when the days are low.
Now, when I am sick and in India. Whooopoo I can eat chocolate till I get sick of chocolate too (haha).

No matter how I feel tomorrow, I have to go to the gym and do some cardio. Right now I am missing the gym.

No internet

For some days my phone had no internet pack. Instead I have been using hostel internet. The reason I have not got a new internet pack because my plan to stay in focus and study. Well, the last days have not been very effective study days.
Instead I have been sleeping, watch movies and studying little.
Saw Inception, slept during half of the movie and knocked up is a easy movie good for time pass.

Still bad

I met some of my friends yesterday in the hostel and they said I should go to the doctor because I can not be sick during the exams. However, I have only been sick for 2 days, if it does not improve on Monday, then I will go to a doctor. Yesterday I slept over 15 hours, it felt so good and I think I really needed that sleep.
Also, Thank God my roommate is at her brother place for studies and will be back around 26th. Which mean I have the room all by myself.

So, today is again a sick day for me. No gym at all. I was suppose to do lower body, but I have absolutely no energy right now. Instead of gym I have to study for my upcoming exams.