Not that good idea

May be it was a mistake to go to the gym, because right now I am very tired. Still from 2-4 ocklock was a nap time, the reason is the weather is too hot to do anything else then to sleep.

However, it was not about my sleep I was going to writhe about. No, about something which happened in the gym.
Like in the gym there are some people I speak too, normal talk, as in how are you? what did you do this weekend and so on.
But there is a guy how has asked me out for a cup of coffee twice now. The thing is a guy how ask a girl out should never say she is boring. Never.
We spoke about drinking and smoking and so on. I told him I do not drink or smoke because I want to be healthy. He is answer was, are you kidding, what a boring life you have.
For me, that is not cleaver thing a person can say. Specially when he just had asked me out for a coffee. Boring because I do not smoke or drink? I do not think so. I just follow what make sense for me. Healthy is to not smoke or drink.

till a limited

My limited of being sick has passed, I can not stay in bed anymore. I have to start preparing for my exams. Right now I am studying brand management about brand tracking. Brand tracking is little tricky for me, brand line, product line, brand portfolio and so on… which we have to understand and know.

Still I am not 100 % recover, but what to do, I have to do other things then be in bed and watch movies and sleep.
Today’s plan is studying, eat (I finally got back my appetite) go to the gym and work out little bit, on the cardio machine.

A friend of mine has invited to celebrate Holi in the evening at her place. They will have fire, pooja and also dinner. Hopefully I will have energy to go to her place.