Not that good idea

May be it was a mistake to go to the gym, because right now I am very tired. Still from 2-4 ocklock was a nap time, the reason is the weather is too hot to do anything else then to sleep.

However, it was not about my sleep I was going to writhe about. No, about something which happened in the gym.
Like in the gym there are some people I speak too, normal talk, as in how are you? what did you do this weekend and so on.
But there is a guy how has asked me out for a cup of coffee twice now. The thing is a guy how ask a girl out should never say she is boring. Never.
We spoke about drinking and smoking and so on. I told him I do not drink or smoke because I want to be healthy. He is answer was, are you kidding, what a boring life you have.
For me, that is not cleaver thing a person can say. Specially when he just had asked me out for a coffee. Boring because I do not smoke or drink? I do not think so. I just follow what make sense for me. Healthy is to not smoke or drink.

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