Awesome food


No, not at all…
Nowadays I am pretty tired of all the gravy. Gravy, gravy and more gravy. Why have India so many gravy dishes? Or is it only mess food with extremely much gravy?
But at least I know, it can be little bit too much of gravy, spicy and oily food. However, it can be same level as outside food sometimes.

Enjoy, plainer, less oily and healthier food!


3 thoughts on “Awesome food

  1. Hi,
    Dishes in home will not be that much oily. If you go to sout India you will not find these gravy dishes. You will find many vegetable curries. That said, outside of home food is always not healthy, even if you go to a top restuarant. That is because in home we prefere health than taste where as restaurant care for taste than health!

    • Hey, well I guess it depends on the family too… I have visit different families, and yes some have almost no oil while other have more.
      TO point out, why so much gravy? this does not matter if it mess or at an indian family… Would I say.

      • Hi,
        Because gravy is tasty 🙂 since it contains mix of all spices, vegetables with which the curry cooked. Since people eat it with roti/naan it will not be possible if the dish is dry or too liquid. So they make the dish gravvy. In sout India, they eat rice so they make the curries dry[almost] + Rasam/Sambar which is liquid so you can mix all and eat.

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