Yesterday was India vs. Pakistan. Surprise, in the mess the TV was on and showed the game and no Bollywood music videos.
Today is an other game, India vs. West India. I have no idea about cricket, but for sure it is better then Bollywood music videos.
Also some of the stuff from the kitchen were watching the game and was not working. Cricket is the sport of India. No doubt.

A new phone

As you my know my old phone died for some days ago.
So what to do if not buy a new phone!
The price difference with Sweden is minimal, all most non existing. However, I went to some stores to look for which phone to buy. The only must was the phone has to be a windowsphone, Nokia lumia 525 or 625.
It ended up I got Nokia Lumia 625, black.


I have promise my self to be more careful and actually not put my phone in the same pocket as my keys are in.