Summer heat and Noah

Seriously my roommate and I are suffering very much of the heat. Our room is facing the morning sun and we do not know what to do about the heat in our room or outside.
Our windows are wide open, curtains for the window, fan on highest speed and the door to the corridor is wide open. Also the door to the bathroom is open. Just to create some sort of wind. But do you think it helps? No, not at all.
Yesterday, during the day I slept on my yoga carpet directly under the fan and it felt good, I could acutely feel the wind from the fan. So maybe we will move our beds from the wall to middle of the room…
I wish we had AC in the room…

However, why I wrote Noah, is because I can not stand of the heat and thought the movie theaters have AC and comfortable seats. So, why not go for a long movie during the day? What I have heard Noah should be a good movie, and over 2 hours long!
So if I go during the day, I will get AC, escape the heat, watch a good movie, be away from the hostel, a 3D movie. The price is 300 rupees. For me that sounds like heaven!

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