Sometimes it is okay to sweets.
When can you say no to brownie with vanilla ice cream?
I can say, I have a hard time to say no to any form of sweets beside candy. So good, Indians are pretty good to make brownies.


Wow, I can not say I love the weather in Sweden right now. Today the max temperature is 10 degree which mean it is like Pune winter.
From a weather with almost 40 C, heat to 10 C pretty big difference.
Also, where are everyone? Sure, we have a long weekend this week and Stockholm is pretty empty on people. Still, Where are all the people?

I have figure out, I get headache when it is quiet around me. No noise at all, then I get a pressure in my ears and head. During that time I understand the noise pollution India has and also it is not healthy to be surrounded of noise 24/7. More right how harmful noise can be. It is scary.
The best part is, I will get use to the quietness and the pressure will disappear too. I have been in this situation before.

Spring in Sweden

Spring in Sweden

Wow, could I have arrived in any better season then the spring?
I do not think so. For me the spring is the happiest season Sweden has.
The reason is: the night becomes shorter, the trees becomes green of leaf, the flowers and also it becomes warmer after a cold, dark winter.

However, right now the spring is very cold for me. The temprature is the same as a Pune´s winters, degrees between 7-18. Very cold. Still the spring in Sweden makes me happy and I enjoy it. I would say I am one of the people how is fully dress. When I am out I wear a sweater, jacket, west, thick scarf and gloves. Also, when the wind becomes little cold my hat is on my head.

First night

Okay, now I have slept my first night in my own flat in Stockholm,
I have slept totally alone for the first time after very long time with a roommate. Do I miss to have roommate?
My answer is yes and no.
Yes, because it is nice to have someone to talk about how the day.
No, now I do not need to think about to not disturb anyone, I can do anything in my own apartment.

So, not only I need to unpack my suitcases from India, I have to unpack boxes with my things, from the shift. My suitcases from India are almost done, but the boxes are many left. But, my goal is to be done till next week.

Today, is a day with allot of traveling between my flat and the house.

A place I love

A place I love

When we were walking around in the south of Mumbai, the old British part. We found a small but very popular cafe. When we find intressting cafe we diffenatly go for a cup of coffee and some bakery and was what we did.
The cafe is on the fomus shipping street with some stores and allot off street shopping also cafe leopod lays on that street.
However this cafe Theobroma is after all commercial and next to mad-over.-donuts.
Why, I am writing about this cafe is because we all fall in love with it.
The cafe had so many bakeries which would love to try but could not. Helpful stuff.
Also, may be the best part absolutely amazing and tasty croissant, I have not had anything like this for a very long time.
It is a most to visit this cafe.

Packing in Mumbai

So, the internet is too bad to upload any photos. There for the updates will only be texts updates till that time I arrive in Sweden.

Today´s plan is: study my Swedish course and hopefully be done with it. Next thing is to pack everything again for the 3:rd time.

First time was the shift from hostel to hotel in Pune, next pack was from Pune to Mumbai and now, last time from Mumbai to Sweden.
I think I won´t travel for a very long time now.

Few days left

I know, my updates have not exist in the last couples of days.
There are not any good reasons. Beside, I have been out the whole days and been with family.
The last two days I have been in Mumbai and that city is nothing like Pune. The city I prefer is Pune, Pune has a speciel place in my heart. Mumbai is too big, too crowded and has an other atmosphere. The atmosphere is more hectic.
But, Mumbai has amazing buildings from the British time, which Pune does not has.

I think Mumbai can be a good city during winter time, but not now. Now it is just too hot and not that dry as Pune. Allot of water is needed.

FC road

Today, we had dinner at vershali, the famous place for Dosa, in FC road.
Also, it is a place to go when it is sunny and not rainy. When we arrived to the place, it started to rain heavily. But a dosa is too good.
After the dinner we went for Cad-b, cold liquid chocolate. Too tasty and unhealthy.

A good evening.

Busy ,busy and busy

What have happened?
I have shift out from the hostel, I am staying in the Sun n’ Sand hotel. A tourist hotel.
What we have done is walking around in the old part of Pune, in Tusibag.
Tusibag, is more of real Pune for me then Viman Nagar and Phoenix mall.
I wish you all having a good time.

Dinner in Phoenix mall

Dinner in Phoenix mall

On -1 floor, under ground floor, there is a chines restaurant.
The restaurant is very fresh and a good atmosphere. The food is okay. A dish with rice can easily be shared between two people.
However, in my case I eat allot of vegetables so a dish with vegetables are enough for me, but I can share the rise. Also, I prefer to share all my dishes and try others dishes too. That is the beauty to share, it is possible to try so many more dishes!