Okay, what just have happened is not good at all.
Today, I met my friends in college. We had a great time. During the whole day I might have been in the sun for 1 hour, not more then that. Still, still, I have burned my skin around my neck. The sun burn is really bad and painful.
How is it possible?! For the first time in Pune I get this bad sun burn.
Then next question: How will I survive in Goa? For sure whole me will be pink… Awesome…

There are also many Indians asking me what have happened with the neck. Well, dear Indians that is called sun burn. Which is happens for us whiter people (often, not everyone). It is not fun to get that question by friends, PT and so on… It is just a sun burn…
Time to use suncream with 50 + protection
For me in Sweden, my skin normally get little pink after 15 minutes in the sun in May. But the next day the pinkish color is gone. But this sun burn will stay for a loooong time!


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