The best ananas

The best ananas

For me it is little funny that ananas in swedish has the same meaning in sanskrit and hindi, pineapple in English.

Sense the last time I was in India I have never forgot how sweet the ananas is in India.
Sometimes we buy ananas in Sweden, but they are not at all sweet as the ananas in India. There for, I prefer to not eat ananas in Sweden, I can not. The ananas is too bitter and sour . My face makes a face.
opposite to Sweden the ananas in India, Goa. WOW, the sweetness is really strong and it is possible to just eat ananas during the whole day on the beach.

That is what we did, we bought fruits, the ananas was the best fruit we bought and ate the fruits around lunch time. Also, because at 1 the temperature was to hot to eat a normal lunch.


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