A Goa banana

When we were in Goa, a friend of mine said we should try a goa banana, because they are different from the rest.
So, we all decied to try this special Goa banana.
First of the Goa banana we bought was wrong type. They were maybe 10 cm long (max) and did not taste any special.
However, when the friend found the special Goa banana and we tried it. The banana did not taste good at all. The reason is, the banana was still raw. No black spots on the yellow skin, the banana has to be brownish to taste good. Rememebers of cooking banana…


After some days waiting till the skin turns brown. I finally tried a good Goa banana.
Inside the banana it has more orange color and also the taste is little different, but I do not know in what way…

Rio 2

Yesterday, was a day I wish would not happen. The reason is, all my friends from 3rd year left the hostel. From yesterday the hostel has been so empty. We are very few girls left from BBA.
Yesterday was not a fun day… As you might understand.


There for, my friend and I went for a movie in Phoenix mall. Rio 2, a very colorful and allot of songs. How I would explain the movie, it is a perfect kids movie, happy movie, to make you in happy mood.
The movie make you laugh. I would say the movie is good one if you like kids movie.
Something I really like is the songs.

The first movie, Rio from 2010 or 2011, I went for that movie too, but can only remember i thought it was a good one.