Few days left

I know, my updates have not exist in the last couples of days.
There are not any good reasons. Beside, I have been out the whole days and been with family.
The last two days I have been in Mumbai and that city is nothing like Pune. The city I prefer is Pune, Pune has a speciel place in my heart. Mumbai is too big, too crowded and has an other atmosphere. The atmosphere is more hectic.
But, Mumbai has amazing buildings from the British time, which Pune does not has.

I think Mumbai can be a good city during winter time, but not now. Now it is just too hot and not that dry as Pune. Allot of water is needed.

2 thoughts on “Few days left

  1. It takes time to love Mumbai but once you fall in love with Mumbai, you start seeing what you fail to see while seeing the roughness and toughness of this city.

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