First night

Okay, now I have slept my first night in my own flat in Stockholm,
I have slept totally alone for the first time after very long time with a roommate. Do I miss to have roommate?
My answer is yes and no.
Yes, because it is nice to have someone to talk about how the day.
No, now I do not need to think about to not disturb anyone, I can do anything in my own apartment.

So, not only I need to unpack my suitcases from India, I have to unpack boxes with my things, from the shift. My suitcases from India are almost done, but the boxes are many left. But, my goal is to be done till next week.

Today, is a day with allot of traveling between my flat and the house.

A place I love

A place I love

When we were walking around in the south of Mumbai, the old British part. We found a small but very popular cafe. When we find intressting cafe we diffenatly go for a cup of coffee and some bakery and was what we did.
The cafe is on the fomus shipping street with some stores and allot off street shopping also cafe leopod lays on that street.
However this cafe Theobroma is after all commercial and next to mad-over.-donuts.
Why, I am writing about this cafe is because we all fall in love with it.
The cafe had so many bakeries which would love to try but could not. Helpful stuff.
Also, may be the best part absolutely amazing and tasty croissant, I have not had anything like this for a very long time.
It is a most to visit this cafe.